Stand-Up Against Spinal Cord Injury

2008Jan28-CMN-StandUpAgainstSpinalCordImjury 236Monday Jan 28th, Comedy Monday Night transformed itself into a charity gala, to raise money for the Canadian Paraplegic Association. As opposed to the usual “open mic” format of CMN, this past Monday was an all-star gala starring Kevin Stobo, and featuring Stan Thompson as well as the most illustrious alumni of Comedy Monday Night. Dickens was decked out in dark table cloths and fancy dress, and even though the temperatures outside were well below frigid, a huge crowd turned out for the hot comedy inside. There was one “usual” feature of CMN that survived for the gala, the excellent review by Kerry Raz, and so I won’t bother to re-review the show here … check it out for a very thorough review of the night’s entertainment.

Overall, it was an amazing night. The comedy was high quality, and the crowd was excellent. Of particular note, to me anyway, was an inspired set by Don Wood, whose quirky style and incredibly witty one liners had the crowd screaming. Also of note were the always amazing Trent McClellan, who brings professionalism in comedy to a whole new level, Daryl Makk who put on his typically smooth, high-quality performance, and Lori Ferguson-Ford, an off-beat Vancouver mother whom I’d never seen before. Regardless of special mention, however, every comic on-stage put on a great show in support of a very worthy, and necessary cause.


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