New theme

I was commenting to a friend on one of my email groups that this time of year is something like emerging from a cocoon for me. As I’ve said before, I tend to focus very hard on my work up until the end of October, in preparation for a quieter winter where I can do a lot more of what I want to do. In many ways, its like pushing out of a cocoon every year, to emerge and do new things.

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Upgrades …

The new version of WordPress, the software that powers the main version of this blog and many others, was released yesterday, and I took the opportunity today to upgrade to the latest and greatest. If the blog was offline for you for a bit, thats probably the reason, but I must say its a very quick and painless process that involves very little disruption in access. In fact, while I haven’t really blogged much about how the underlying software of this blog works, it really is a remarkable set of self-publishing tools, the like of which were unimaginable even a decade ago. In future, I plan to write in more detail about the revolution that ubiquitous blogging represents, and the impact of WordPress and similar systems in realizing one of the promises of the internet … democracy of ideas.

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