Elron and Chuckling in SL

Elron Priestman in front of Last Laugh Comedy Club ChucklingDarwin-01-23Feb2008 The view from the SL stage

This past Saturday I did my first full show in Second Life. I have a regular gig on Saturday nights at the Last Laugh Comedy Club, and Feb 23rd marked the first incarnation of that. My good friend from Dickens, Derek Sweet, popped in under the guise of Chuckling Darwin, his SL persona, to help me open the show, and we ended up having a great crowd turn out. Derek and I both joked that the crowd at Last Laugh was about twice the size of what we often get in RL at Dickens or at the Laugh Shop, one of Calgary’s other RL clubs.

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Elron Priestman performs in Second Life

Elron Priestman on stage at Last LaughSecond Life Show Poster for Elron Priestman / Lyle BatemanWhen I first started in the stand up comedy thing, the world was a different place. The time was 1991, and very few average people even had cell phones. The internet was a small-time network that was hard to navigate and contained little content, and was over shadowed by “Bulliten Board systems” like AOL and Compuserve in the “online world.” The idea of bringing multi-media attachments to aid your comedy show was a virtual impossibility, with laptops whose harddrives were a fraction of the size of the RAM in many laptops today. In general, in 1991, doing anything other than standing on stage talking to the audience was a very difficult technical challenge, while today, the incredible increase in computer and communication power means that there are things we can do on stage, relatively easily, that simply would have been inconceivable in 1991.

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Strange Days Indeed …

This past Monday was the third week of preliminaries for the Alberta edition of the Great Canadian Laugh Off. I was in Calgary for some other things, and figured I’d pop in to check out the show, even though I’d been eliminated from the competition the previous week. Several of my friends and acquaintances were on the bill for Feb 18th, including Lori Gibbs, Kelly D’Amour, Katryna Chan, and Jenny Wynter, and I was happy to be able to show support for them, and check out the show as a whole. It turned out to be both enjoyable and surreal.

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In To Africa … a Computer Geek in Lagos – New content at GASlagos, nigeria, seismic processing, geeks are sexy

Its been too long since I wrote something for Geeks Are Sexy. I’ve been in a fairly non-geek period of my life recently, focusing on my stand-up comedy side rather than my techie side. In that spirit, I thought I might combine the two sides a bit with some (hopefully humourous) recollections of my life as a system administrator in Lagos, Nigeria from 1993-1998.

See the rest of the post at Geeks are Sexy … http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2008/02/16/in-to-africa-a-computer-geek-in-lagos/

I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you …

2008Feb11-CMN-GCLO 037The preliminary round of the Great Canadian Laugh Off has come and gone, and unfortunately, I didn’t advance to the next round. The competition was very fierce, and I feel like I had a pretty good set, but I have no issues with the final result. The three people who were selected to advance put on very solid shows, and the young lady chosen as the “winner” of the night, Tara Scott, put on an inspired performance, especially given she is so very new to the local comedy scene.

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The Great Canadian Laugh Off – Preliminary Rounds

Yuk Yuk's Laugh Off LogoThis coming Monday, Feb 11th 2008, I’ll be doing my set for the preliminary round of the Great Canadian Laugh Off. Sponsored by Yuk Yuk’s, the Alberta preliminaries are being held at Dickens through the month of January, in place of the regular Comedy Monday Night show. There are three preliminary rounds, with the top three from each night advancing to the final round on Feb 25th. The first preliminary round ran this past Monday, on Feb 4th, and I’d like to extend my congratulations to Amanda Perrin, Dan Guiry, and Chris Gordon for advancing to the final round. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys in the finals on the 25th.

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Another aspiring philosopher comic

I don’t usually talk about “comics” who’s show I’ve never seen on here, never mind a “comic” who has not yet set foot on a stage, but I will most certainly make an exception for Steve Gimbel. Regular readers of View from the Edge might remember that Steve is the philosophy professor from Gettysburg College whose blog I regularly follow and sometimes comment on. There’s no question I read Steve for his keen philosophical insight on a variety of issues, but one of the things that has always drawn me to him is his keen sense of comedy. One of the regular features on his blog is a series of “Comedist” posts which are the closest thing I’ve found anywhere to a “philosophy of comedy.”

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