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  1. Sorry, but the Clash was NOT there. I got into the stadium around 12:00, was comfortably sitting on the tarp and around 2:00’ish, everyone stood up. Joe Jackson took the stage not long after that, was booed off and The Who took the stage sometime after 5:00. I clearly remember as I was close enough to get within a few feet of the stage, was sober and got a fire hose in the face when they turned it on to the crowd. More importantly, I was able to get my camera in and got pictures, which I still have. I think you are thinking of the performance in 1980. I was not at that one, but I do recall something about the Clash. Sorry, but no go. The Clash was not there in 1982 as much as I would have loved to see them.

  2. Well Maryienne. Avi made a fool of himself, if Dennis Prager says so, thats good enough for me;) Ms. Ali’s positions are in no way extreme. They are borne of direct experience.

    Editor’s Note: I welcome all opinions here, but Avi’s opinions are borne JUST as much from his experience as Ms. Ali’s are borne from her’s. Experience can very easily breed extreme opinions … just because something is based on experience, thats certainly no reason to assume it isn’t extreme. Both people in that interview got to their opinions through experience, but both were expressing extreme views on the subject. What I like about Avi’s work, and what I like about him when he interviews people like Ms. Ali is that he will challenge their view with well thought out critique, but also (and this is the KEY point about Avi) let them speak about their view. Unlike other people who might disagree with Ms. Ali, Avi never cut her off, or refused to listen to her viewpoint. He DID argue against her viewpoint, but that is what debate is all about. What I enjoyed about this session is that you get two people with about as opposing a viewpoint as you can find, but who actually listen to each other, and talk about the result. That doesn’t happen in other media outlets, and as a non-partisan person, I LOVE debate, but I despise partisanship … to me, the Lewis/Ali interview shows an excellent exampel of how to debate opposing views without becoming overly partisan, and that applies to both sides.

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