The delicious nougat of interestingness

Quarter to TenI’ve discussed the concept of “interesting” photos in Flickr before … the main Flickr Explore page is an excellent portal into some of the most stunning photographs being taken around the world. While I have no clue what the actual formula for interesting is, it seems to be made up of a number of different factors …

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Senators from Ottawa go duck hunting

I’ve never lived in Ottawa, and other than the fact it is my nation’s capitol, I have very little connection to it. However, like most other Canadians, as of this evening I am an unofficial “Ottowan” when the Ottawa Senators take to the ice against the Anaheim Ducks in game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. While the other senators in Ottawa may often be duck hunters, the political version of senators could never generate the interest or excitement of the hockey version, especially not in a Stanley Cup run. With some eateries in the capitol serving up special helpings of duck pate, it seems everyone is getting into the spirit.

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Foley Loaded gets off both barrels

Steph from BackstageThe stage before showtimeWell, the show is over and done with, and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Overall I think crowd response was excellent, and the Esplanade is really a great room to perform in. There’s quite a different feeling between a comedy club stage, and a place like the Esplanade (a feeling that must be greatly multiplied in even larger auditoriums or arenas) … I always feel a little closed-in, a little claustrophobic on the small stages in the small rooms at comedy clubs, though I hadn’t really realized how much. There’s so much more freedom, or at least it seems that way, and I’m sure the fact that the crowd is farther away and harder to see helps the feeling as well.

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Get FOLEY Loaded tonight at the Esplanade

stephFor my local Medicine Hat readers, another plug for the FOLEY Loaded show tonight at the Esplanade. Skeet over at Mad Hatter’s Blog ran a great plug for us yesterday, and it looks like the show is going to a busy one. Tickets are still available today at the door, right up till show time at 8PM, so if you are looking for something to do this evening, just head down to 1st, help out the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and laugh your ass off. I’m replaying the Mad Hatter’s plug below the fold, with link to their page … for the record, if you don’t already read them, Mad Hatter’s is THE place for discussion of local Med Hat issues. Check it out 🙂

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Keys … new poetry by Lyle Bateman

Lost keys


Like a lost set of keys
I found God
after I’d stopped even looking

Walking through the garden
I kicked a stone
and He scurried out of the light

Prairie Cinema

An early drive-in theatre for the Prairies …
Aurora Borealis from the Trans Canada Highway between Brooks and Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Click here for more of my flickr pics

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Foley Loaded at the Esplanade

Well its official … I am the winner of the “So you think you’re funny” contest in conjunction with Stephanie Foley’s Heart and Stroke Foundation benefit show this coming weekend at the Esplanade, so it looks like I’ll be doing a few minutes of my show. Even without my involvement, it looks to be fantastic show in support of a good cause. Tickets are available at the Esplanade itself of course, as well as Medicine Hat Mall or online at … it’ll be great to fill the place. I’ll post all the specific show details below the fold …

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