Paul Kuster, on “Indian Time” at the Stavely Hotel

LyleBatemanAmyTrofimukPaulKusterI had a chance to step out a bit this past Saturday night when I traveled back to my hometown of Stavely, Alberta for a show at the Stavely Hotel. I lived in Stavely from 1969-1976, from age 3 almost to age 10, and I took my grades 1-3 at Stavely Elementary. It was really fun to have a chance to see the town again … Main Street looks oddly the same, even though very few buildings have the businesses I remember in them. Basically, only the Hotel, Town Hall, and Post Office are the same as when I lived there, but yet the street still has a sense of sameness.

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Laughing at the Shamrock

This past Thursday night I stepped out of my normal routine a little bit to do a show organized by a Calgary comedian I’d never worked with before, Stu Hughes, the main force behind the Calgary FunnyFest, from May 1-11. The show on Thursday Jan 10th, at the Shamrock hotel in Calgary, was essentially a late Christmas party, and appreciation night for the volunteers of FunnyFest. Along with myself and Stu, Derek Sweet, Daniel Tsedey, Kelly D’Amour, Kevin Gillis, Paul Kuster, and Jenny Wynter all came down for sets, and the whole show was MC’d admirably by Amy Trofimuk, wounded wing and all. Amy is always wonderful to work with, and she’s such a cute little thing … just like a porcelain doll, and apparently just as fragile.

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