Kicking off 2008

2007Dec31-MyOfficePubNewYearsEve 004I kicked off my 2008 by opening the New Year’s Eve show at My Office Pub in Medicine Hat, AB. At the top of this post is the group shot we took after the show of the performers … thats me on the far right, with headliner Steph Foley, guest Dustin Hertel, and MC James Moore on the far left. All in all, it was a very fun show, and the crowd was, for the most part, awesome. James did his usual admirable job our hecklers for the evening,”Asshole” and “Asshole Jr,” in his opening set, leaving the rest of the crowd free to enjoy the show. For the record, I’ve worked with James as MC a number of times now, both as a professional and an amateur, and he’s one of the best MC’s I’ve ever seen. Thanks again James, for keeping Monday night on the right track. Continue reading


Kevin McGrath, with JP Fournier

This past weekend, I had an opportunity I don’t get much these days … the chance to spend an evening listening to comedy completely as an audience member. For the past year, almost every time I’ve been around comedy, I’ve been “working” in some sense or another, either preparing to go up, or talking about material or bookings. This past Saturday night was my company Christmas party for this year, and as a switch from previous years, the company decided to go with a dinner/comedy show at the Medicine Hat Lodge.

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