Doing my part for one party democracy …

Its election time in Alberta again … the King is dead, long live the King. For those completely unfamiliar with Alberta provincial politics, I wrote a primer on the subject here on View from the Edge last year, whose title I stole for my opening line above. My previous article on the subject was in response to the election of Ed Stelmach as Conservative party leader, replacing the former Premiere Ralph Klein, and in it I spent some time talking about the history of democracy in Alberta.

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Strange Days Indeed …

This past Monday was the third week of preliminaries for the Alberta edition of the Great Canadian Laugh Off. I was in Calgary for some other things, and figured I’d pop in to check out the show, even though I’d been eliminated from the competition the previous week. Several of my friends and acquaintances were on the bill for Feb 18th, including Lori Gibbs, Kelly D’Amour, Katryna Chan, and Jenny Wynter, and I was happy to be able to show support for them, and check out the show as a whole. It turned out to be both enjoyable and surreal.

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“Rilly big shewwww …”

Pauly Shore Show PosterAt this very early point in my comedy career, I’m looking to get whatever stage time I can. The old adage of “practice, practice, practice” is just as true for comedy as it is for anything else, and any stage time is good stage time for me right now. However, there are still some shows that are bigger than others. I’ve hesitated to publicize this particular show while the final details were being worked out, but now that everything seems to be finalized, the time has come. This weekend, Saturday Jan 19th, 2008, I’ll be doing the biggest shows of my career so far, as MC of a one night, two show engagement for Pauly Shore at La Bella Notte in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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