A Month of Chucking

Elron's EmpireThis past Sunday marked the one month anniversary of the opening of the Chuckling Priestman Comedy Club.  In that short time, the Chuckling Priestman has gone from a non-descript empty building in one of SL’s commercial districts, to the hottest comedy club in SL.  Offering live shows 5 nights a week, with more shows on the horizon, we have very quickly become the place to go for comedy in Second Life.

When we started doing shows at the Chuckling Priestman, we had a solid group of 6 comics, including co-owners Chuckling Darwin and myself.  Each comic provides a unique and interesting show.  From Orionalation Carver, a Muslim journalist and comedian from Karachi, Pakistan with a unique perspective on world events, to Salamander Maroon, a British comic who provides a hillarious look at the world of Second Life, and through New Orlean’s paramedic turned SL comic Quinn Lanzius and Athen’s Georgia based teacher turned comedian Anaka Blue, the talent level is international and very high.

Since our grand opening, we’ve seen a huge increase in interest, both in terms of the crowds, and also in terms of new people wanting to try a set.  Several American comedians of various levels have recently joined up with us to do shows, and after spending some time getting used to comedy in SL by opening some of our regular shows, we expect a couple of the newcomers to take over their own show fairly soon.  With any luck, by this time in July, we’ll be having shows 7 nights a week, with more than one show on one or more nights.

On average, we seem to be getting 20-40 people per show out, and the crowds continue to grow every day.  On one recent Friday show, Orion, our man from Pakistan, pulled in crowd of over 50 people who not only enjoyed his comedy, but also enjoyed the unveiling of his hand crafted, brass riveted, steam-punk penis.  While that is the high water mark for crowds at the club so far, recent shows have come close, and I expect us to regularly be hitting crowds of 50 or more by the end of the summer.

If you are already in Second Life, head over to the Collins area, and check us out on the main street (http://slurl.com/secondlife/collins/103/196/28/).  If you aren’t already in SL, but think this all sounds kinda weird and interesting, then head off to http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php to download the client and try it out.


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