Almost Viral

One of the places I post my videos online is over at YouTube. For the most part, my YouTube page is fairly low-profile … I get a few hits from people looking for me, but not a ton of general traffic. In recent days, however, there has been one notable exception, my “modified” theme to Spiderman. Its always been my most viewed clip, but in the last 3 weeks or so, my hits have almost doubled to over 1100 for it, and it seems to be gathering momentum.

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Six minutes at the Comedy Cave

LyleBateman-ComedyCave-29Jan2008-captureTuesday night I was invited back down to the Comedy Cave for my second guest spot on their stage. Like last time, the crowd was amazing, and the room was very comfortable. The headliner this week is the amazing Sugar Sammy, a Canadian with East-Indian descent who’s edgy humour had the crowd rolling. Terry Hollas is the host for this week, and the opening act on Tuesday was an improv troupe called the ImproManiacs. The order was a bit different than I first expected, as the ImproManiacs went up first and did 20 minutes or so of improv, while I took the “middle” spot in the show with a quick set just before Sugar Sammy took the stage. I was kind of surprised by the format at first, but it worked into a very smooth show that probably flowed better than it would have if the improv had broken up the stand-up sets. Good call Terry.

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Paul Kuster, on “Indian Time” at the Stavely Hotel

LyleBatemanAmyTrofimukPaulKusterI had a chance to step out a bit this past Saturday night when I traveled back to my hometown of Stavely, Alberta for a show at the Stavely Hotel. I lived in Stavely from 1969-1976, from age 3 almost to age 10, and I took my grades 1-3 at Stavely Elementary. It was really fun to have a chance to see the town again … Main Street looks oddly the same, even though very few buildings have the businesses I remember in them. Basically, only the Hotel, Town Hall, and Post Office are the same as when I lived there, but yet the street still has a sense of sameness.

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Rockin’ the Firehall … Pauly Shore live at LBN

LyleBateman-DagAustin-StephanieFoley @ LBN Lethbridge for Pauly Shore LiveI think I’ve had the best night of my comedy career so far. It’s one thing to play a sold-out show … it’s another all together to play two in a row. And its another level again when the crowd energy is as high as it was last night. Crowd response for both shows was phenomenal, but the crowd for the late show was one of the rowdiest I’ve ever seen, and the energy level was incredible.

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Tuesday at the Comedy Cave

Its been a busy week. Along with finalizing the plans for the Pauly Shore show in Lethbridge on Saturday, I had a chance to step onto the Comedy Cave stage for the first time, with a 5 minute guest spot. I must say, I enjoyed the experience immensely. The headliner this week, Jason Robinson from Arkansas, rocked the house with his unique brand of southern charm.  I’m still chuckling over the “bruncle” bit. Also on the show were Donovan Deschner as MC, and Terry Hollas doing the middle spot

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“Rilly big shewwww …”

Pauly Shore Show PosterAt this very early point in my comedy career, I’m looking to get whatever stage time I can. The old adage of “practice, practice, practice” is just as true for comedy as it is for anything else, and any stage time is good stage time for me right now. However, there are still some shows that are bigger than others. I’ve hesitated to publicize this particular show while the final details were being worked out, but now that everything seems to be finalized, the time has come. This weekend, Saturday Jan 19th, 2008, I’ll be doing the biggest shows of my career so far, as MC of a one night, two show engagement for Pauly Shore at La Bella Notte in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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Kicking off 2008

2007Dec31-MyOfficePubNewYearsEve 004I kicked off my 2008 by opening the New Year’s Eve show at My Office Pub in Medicine Hat, AB. At the top of this post is the group shot we took after the show of the performers … thats me on the far right, with headliner Steph Foley, guest Dustin Hertel, and MC James Moore on the far left. All in all, it was a very fun show, and the crowd was, for the most part, awesome. James did his usual admirable job our hecklers for the evening,”Asshole” and “Asshole Jr,” in his opening set, leaving the rest of the crowd free to enjoy the show. For the record, I’ve worked with James as MC a number of times now, both as a professional and an amateur, and he’s one of the best MC’s I’ve ever seen. Thanks again James, for keeping Monday night on the right track. Continue reading