The Late Show with Angelico Babii

Elron Priestman at the Chuckling PriestmanMonday May 5th, I filmed a segment for the SL Late Show with Angelico Babii (for SLTV). The show was taped live at the Blarney Stone Irish Pub in “Dublin in SL“. Its an amazing sim, and a beautiful little pub, created by Ham Rambler. The Blarney Stone is a recreation of an actual pub in Dublin, and the entire sim is intended to be as faithful a recreation of Dublin as is possible in a place like Second Life. I’d been to the Blarney Stone a few times before, but this was the first time I’d ever performed there. Joining me on this episode of the Late Show was the Blarney Stone’s, and Dublin in SL creator, Ham Rambler, as well as SL and RL author Madddyyy Schnook and SL music star Rich DeSoto.

I must admit, it was a ton of fun. It was a pretty short set for me, especially in SL terms. I’ve regularly been doing 60-90 minute sets for most of my SL shows, and about the shortest show I’ve done in SL, prior to yesterday, were 15 minute sets. I did about 5 minutes of material for the show yesterday, so it felt a lot like a “showcase set” in the real world. Because it was my mother’s birthday, I dedicated the show to her, and of course started the set off with a few stories about her. I also did some new material about my new car which went over really well (and to be completely honest, it wasn’t completely new … I’ve tested it with people at work, and I did it live at my show this past Saturday in Redcliff). I finished the set off with my Geek Rap and Spiderman songs. Given that it is a general audience TV program broadcast to PG sims, I stayed away from my racier material and actually did the whole show without swearing (well, truth be told, I did use “bugger” and “damn” at one point). Especially on SL, it seems I am swearing more and more in my shows, so it was nice to know I can actually still do a set without using the word “fuck.”

My other SL news of late is that I have finished building my SL comedy club, the Chuckling Priestman. Co-owned by Derek Sweet (aka Chuckling Darwin) we arem hoping to turn the club into SL’s premiere place for live comedy. With seating for 150 (including some upside down seating that gives a rather unique perspective on the show) it will be one of the biggest comedy clubs I’ve seen in SL, and as a club for comics, run by comics, I am hoping that it will become “THE place” for SL comedy. I’ve yet to have a show there … I am expecting to open the club this week … but all the renovations are done, all the furniture created and installed, and the tip jar rezzed and ready. All we require now is an audience, and we are set to go. I’ll post more details here when the final date for opening is set.

In my real life, I am switching modes now, from comedy mode back into geek mode. My day job is ramping up again for the summer, and while I miss the regular comedy, I have to remember that its my work during the summer that gives me the freedom I have in the winter. It certainly sucks to essentially have to take 5 months off comedy (I will do shows between now and October, but they will be few and far between, and always organized around my work schedule), but the freedom it allows me in the winter is something few aspiring comedians in my position have the luxury of. As annoying as the long hours t my day job can be, its important for me to remember that its those long hours in the summer that let me do things like fly off to Toronto for contests without really worrying about cost.

As a result of being back at my day job, my frequency of posting here will probably increase again, and I expect I’ll get back into more topics than just comedy. I’ve been pretty single-minded over the past few months, thinking about little else other than my comedy shows, and that has been reflected in the topics under discussion here. Now that I am getting back into my more “normal” routine, I expect my posting to come back closer to what it was last summer … a variety of topics with the odd post about comedy. So, stay tuned and peace out.


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