OK, thats COLD – HeadShave Canada ’08

HeadShave Canada '08 Group ShotLyle Bateman, freshly shavedIt’s become clear to me in the last 24 hours that there is a very good reason for bald people to wear hats, and it’s got nothing to do with a lack of self-confidence about the baldness. The MAIN thing that has surprised me since I shaved my head is how cold it actually is. It’s not like I had a lot of hair up there to begin with, keeping my heat in, but apparently, I had more up there than I thought … the difference between yesterday and today in terms of temperature is more than remarkable. So, for the record, when you see me wearing a toque all over the place now, its because I am COLD!!!!!

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Secrets – New Poetry by Lyle Bateman

by Lyle Bateman 2008


burn deep
with white hot guilt
and volcanic anger
charring craters
in our soul

Almost Viral

One of the places I post my videos online is over at YouTube. For the most part, my YouTube page is fairly low-profile … I get a few hits from people looking for me, but not a ton of general traffic. In recent days, however, there has been one notable exception, my “modified” theme to Spiderman. Its always been my most viewed clip, but in the last 3 weeks or so, my hits have almost doubled to over 1100 for it, and it seems to be gathering momentum.

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The Cadman affair

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the unprecedented step of suing the Liberal Party of Canada for libel over statements made by the party on its website. After the release of a taped interview with Harper from 2005, Liberals began accusing the Conservative party in general, and Harper in particular, of bribery with respect to Cadman. To refresh readers on the basic story, on May 19th 2005, a crucial vote was held in Canadian Parliament, a vote that was specifically a motion of confidence (or non-confidence) in the sitting Liberal minority government of the time. In a recently released book, by author Tom Zytarek, Cadman’s widow Dona is quoted as saying her dying husband told her of a $1 million insurance policy offer, made by the Conservatives before the vote. Its important to note as well that Cadman’s vote on this non-confidence motion was beyond crucial … he was literally the deciding vote between the government holding, or falling.

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New Content at GAS – Arthur C. Clarke: The day the future died

Arthur C. Clarke - Dec 16, 1917 - Mar 19, 2008By Lyle Bateman
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The golden age of science fiction” is a term used to describe a particularly fertile period in science fiction, when old conventions of “the space western” were challenged with new ideas, new themes, and new energy.

There are many names associated with that period—Heinlein Bradbury and Asimov, among others—but no name is more synonymous with that heady time in science fiction than Arthur C. Clarke. The death of Clarke, yesterday at his Sri Lanka home at the age of 90, almost closes that chapter of science-fiction history. With only Ray Bradbury left from the shiniest nuggets of the Golden Age, more than just writers are passing into history… the very ethic that created the world we live in today is slowing growing pale.

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The Big News Announcement – Great Canadian Laugh Off

There are a few people who already know about this, and I have mentioned it briefly on here in my tribute to my mother last week, but now its official. I am going to Toronto in early April to compete in the national round of the Great Canadian Laugh Off. The invitation came as a huge surprise to me, since I competed in the local Alberta round of the contest and didn’t make it through my preliminary round set. At that point, I thought the 2008 GCLO was over for me, and I wished the winner of the local rounds, a good friend from Dickens, Lori Gibbs, the best of luck in Toronto.

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New content at GAS … First Life, Second Life, Third Life, more

Elron-SL-poster-02By Lyle Bateman
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

My comedy and geek sides have been meshing a bit more lately. About a month ago, I popped into Second Life again, after trying it a couple of times a year or so ago and giving up on it. At the time I first signed up, the interface was very primitive, and truth be told, I was never able to quite “see the point” of the game. However, as my comedy career has unfolded over the past year or so, I’ve been thinking more and more of trying to find a venue online where I can showcase some of my work. YouTube and MySpace are fine for videos, but there aren’t a whole lot of places where you can easily do a “live show” online as well as easily generate an audience for the show.

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