Paul Kuster, on “Indian Time” at the Stavely Hotel

LyleBatemanAmyTrofimukPaulKusterI had a chance to step out a bit this past Saturday night when I traveled back to my hometown of Stavely, Alberta for a show at the Stavely Hotel. I lived in Stavely from 1969-1976, from age 3 almost to age 10, and I took my grades 1-3 at Stavely Elementary. It was really fun to have a chance to see the town again … Main Street looks oddly the same, even though very few buildings have the businesses I remember in them. Basically, only the Hotel, Town Hall, and Post Office are the same as when I lived there, but yet the street still has a sense of sameness.

I’d never actually been inside the Hotel, given that I left town at age 10, but I found it to be a friendly and inviting place. I arrived early for the show, and enjoyed some wonderful Chinese food from the attached restaurant. From what I tasted, and saw from others, its worth a stop for lunch or dinner if you are ever heading south on the #2 with a growly stomach. I can say for sure that it was a great way to prep for the show.

Amy Trofimuk and Paul Kuster were the real show, after I did a short, 10 minute set off the top. Amy brought her usual brand of up-beat humour to the show and had a great night. For such a small girl, she certainly packs in a lot of laughs. Paul Kuster headlined the night with a wonderful laid back set that ranged from jokes about being a Native named Kuster (“Its fucked up …”), through a summary of the differences between small town and city newspapers, to a flashback to his days as a Global News reporter (funny, he never LOOKED hung over when I saw him). Paul’s friendly style and comfortable presence seems to draw the crowd into his show, and he’s a lot of fun to watch. I had a blast at the show, and it was a lot of fun sharing stage with Paul and Amy again.


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