… works in Absurd and Ironic ways …

The more I look at the world, the more I think God must have a supreme sense of the absurd, and an edge of irony sharper than the sharpest razor. As my year end post for 2006, I wrote an entry on the absurdity of some of the major news events of the year, but absurdity and irony pop up in more mundane places as well. Today, one of the “big stories” on Newsworld involves the sale of some rabid puppies from a flea market in Toronto over this past weekend, and the ensuing health scare to ensure anyone who had contact with the puppies got medical attention. Initially, it seemed to be a pretty normal story about a local health crisis.

Then I saw a live report from the site of the flea market by one of Newsworld’s reporters, Nil Koksal. As before, all the information she was giving was exactly the same, but she delivered it standing in front of “Dr. Flea’s Market.” It was as if some force were highlighting the absurdity of buying puppies from a “flea” market … is it any surprise at all that dogs you might find at a place called “Dr. Flea’s” might have some medical issues? That strikes me as akin to going to a restaurant called “Puke’s” or an auto mechanic called “Lemons.”

It gives me hope when I see things like this. When I look at the world we live in today, if God is running it all with a straight face, then I think we should be very, very worried. It’s when I see things like a market called “Dr. Flea’s” selling puppies with rabies that I am reminded that God, or Mother Nature if you prefer, must have a keen sense of humour, and piercing sense of the absurd. The only other alternative is too frightening to consider, IMO … if this is all being done with a straight face, then we really are in trouble.


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