Six minutes at the Comedy Cave

LyleBateman-ComedyCave-29Jan2008-captureTuesday night I was invited back down to the Comedy Cave for my second guest spot on their stage. Like last time, the crowd was amazing, and the room was very comfortable. The headliner this week is the amazing Sugar Sammy, a Canadian with East-Indian descent who’s edgy humour had the crowd rolling. Terry Hollas is the host for this week, and the opening act on Tuesday was an improv troupe called the ImproManiacs. The order was a bit different than I first expected, as the ImproManiacs went up first and did 20 minutes or so of improv, while I took the “middle” spot in the show with a quick set just before Sugar Sammy took the stage. I was kind of surprised by the format at first, but it worked into a very smooth show that probably flowed better than it would have if the improv had broken up the stand-up sets. Good call Terry.

Headliner Sugar Sammy was a blast. For the past 3 decades or so, Canada has described itself as a patchwork quilt, where each patch contributes to a larger whole while retaining its uniqueness and distinctiveness. Unlike the US “melting pot,” Canada’s patchwork quilt seeks to use the distinctive “patches” of all of Canada’s ethnic and cultural sub-groups to create a quilt of nationhood that is strong, warm, and fashionable. Nothing is removed from each unique patch, but stitched together the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Sugar Sammy is an excellent example of one of Canada’s better “patches.”

Very influenced by his East Indian heritage, Sugar Sammy’s show is a nice example of 21st century Canada. His edgy material on religion and culture is perhaps only possible in a place like Canada, where we respect each other’s differences even while we celebrate that which makes us the same. Sugar Sammy successfully stitches his unique patch into the larger reality of post-millennial Canada, and has the crowd in stitches while he is doing it. If you happen to be in Calgary this week and are looking for an amazing show, check him out at the Comedy Cave, with one show Thursday night, and two more each on Friday and Saturday.

In fact, no matter where you are in Canada, check out Sammy’s webpage for future shows on his current tour, promoting his upcoming CD “Down with the Brown.” He is taking his tour to Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal in the coming weeks. I urge you to check out his show if you are in the area … along with a great night of comedy, you’ll have the chance to buy his new CD at a discount before it hits the stores later in the spring, and get it signed as well.

I must say Tuesday was a very fun night, and it was a pleasure to share the stage with all the performers that evening. I’ve posted my set on my MySpace profile, so feel free to head over and check it out. If you’ve seen some of my stuff before, then there probably isn’t a lot of new material for you there, but this is the first time I’ve taped this particular set in its entirety. Its also been a while since I posted a full set, and this will be a good chance for those who have never seen me live to get a better sense of a full (albeit short) show instead of the random clips I usually post. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments either here, or over on the MySpace video page. It was a great night, and I’m looking forward to doing more sets at the Comedy Cave … both times so far have been a lot of fun.


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