Doing my part for one party democracy …

Its election time in Alberta again … the King is dead, long live the King. For those completely unfamiliar with Alberta provincial politics, I wrote a primer on the subject here on View from the Edge last year, whose title I stole for my opening line above. My previous article on the subject was in response to the election of Ed Stelmach as Conservative party leader, replacing the former Premiere Ralph Klein, and in it I spent some time talking about the history of democracy in Alberta.

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In To Africa … a Computer Geek in Lagos – New content at GASlagos, nigeria, seismic processing, geeks are sexy

Its been too long since I wrote something for Geeks Are Sexy. I’ve been in a fairly non-geek period of my life recently, focusing on my stand-up comedy side rather than my techie side. In that spirit, I thought I might combine the two sides a bit with some (hopefully humourous) recollections of my life as a system administrator in Lagos, Nigeria from 1993-1998.

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agents provocateurs – Updated below …

The Youtube video posted recently of a protest rally in Montebello, Que raises some pretty big questions about the role of SQ and/or RCMP officers in violent protest. Coming late onto this story, my first exposure to it is through the Youtube video (well, in truth, I found the Youtube link 3 lines into a news story on the event, but I watched the raw video before finishing the article, so as to know what ACTUALLY happened first), and it certainly raises some interesting questions.

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The famous gopher …

Gopher In ProfileMore accurately, I suppose I should say “The Famous Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.” Ever have one of those days that just make you smile? For most aspects of my life, today was a pretty normal day. I worked a 13 hour shift at my day job, a shift that felt about twice as long, lol. But none of it really mattered, thanks to an email I got this morning.

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The place to be …

If there was any doubt that Dickens Pub was the place to be for Comedy in Calgary on Monday nights, the Aug 13, 2007 version of Comedy Monday Night should squash it like a bug. The thing about Monday at Dickens is that you never really know who’s going to walk through the door and wander up on stage. Its always a great lineup for Comedy Monday no matter what the date, but sometimes the stars line up just the right way to produce something truly special, and Aug 13 was one of those nights.

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Another road trip to Dickens …

Once again, Steph and I will be off to Calgary tomorrow to do the Monday night show at Dickens. I don’t really know what she has planned for the show, but I’ve been writing material like crazy lately, and I’ve got some new stuff to try out. I hear from the rumour mill that some of the other comics will be doing a “switch night” where different comics do each other’s material, so that should make for a very interesting show.

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Medicine Hat Youth Got Talent

I’ve just gotten word from Steph Foley over at Dewdrop Entertainment about a youth talent show in Medicine Hat this week, Friday afternoon in Kin Coulee Park, put on by Medicine Hat Youth Action. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “America’s Got Talent” then you’ve already got a basic idea of the format … take the idea of that show and apply it to the local Medicine Hat youth scene, and you’ve got the idea down pat.

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