10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed

10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed

Many thanx to my friend Edb from New-Continuum for sending me this link. Some of the reasons are funny, some are silly, some are serious, and some are insightful … every one I’ve read has made me think though :). For the record, you knew I had to add my own …

Reason #2308: We think in terms of minutes and hours … months and years at most. The world operates in terms of decades and centuries … or millenia and epochs. We are out of step with the world we live in.
By Elron Steele on August 26, 2006

Its an interesting list … go have a read for yourself. I think there are a few at least that everyone can agree on, but if nothing else, its good for a bit of fun 🙂


Test Post and Shout Out for new software

Performancing.com | Helping Bloggers Succeed

I am testing some new software to track metrics on my blog, and they also have an interesting posting Firefox extension that I am making this post in. So far, it seems like a really slick system … the metrics have quite a few useful, blogger specific bits of data, and the Firefox extension seems to add some nice functionality. Dunno if I'll always use this, but for right now, it seems like a nice little toolset.

Any bloggers out there who want to try it, click the link above and sign up. Its fast and easy, and so far seems very useful.

Blogs of Note …

… I've added a bunch of blogs to the list on the right side of the page after surfing through the site tonight. I will probably add to the list as time goes on, but everything here caught my interest in some way.

I wanted to highlight a few of the finds I made. Near the bottom of my list is one called Design Sponge that is a treasure trove of photos of design. If you are fascinated by neat looking stuff, you'll be fascinated by some of the pics and posts there. Some of the chairs and tables are true works of art.

Another entry of note was Mommy on the Verge, a wonderfully written site with a quirky personal touch. That we share a fondness for the TravelGnome is reason enough for the shout out, but honestly, her writing is very refreshing :).

121Blog Iran is a fascinating conversation between a guy in the UK (Steve) and a similar fellow living in Tehran (Mr Behi). The juxtaposition of similar people with similar jobs in such dissimilar environments is phenomenal. Well worth the look.

Beyond the Outhouse has some amazing photography. Some of the images here are truly remarkable, and proof that pictures are often worth far more than 1000 words. On the other side of the fence, The Good Word of Sprout proves that words can paint colours as vividly as oil on canvas.

There are far better people than me to read on here, LOL … but thanx for reading me :).