Almost Viral

One of the places I post my videos online is over at YouTube. For the most part, my YouTube page is fairly low-profile … I get a few hits from people looking for me, but not a ton of general traffic. In recent days, however, there has been one notable exception, my “modified” theme to Spiderman. Its always been my most viewed clip, but in the last 3 weeks or so, my hits have almost doubled to over 1100 for it, and it seems to be gathering momentum.

Ironically, the clip is of literally the first time I’d ever performed the song. The words have changed in a couple of places since this version was posted, and given that this was the first song I wrote for my comedy act, this is also the first time I’d ever sung on stage. I was super nervous about the whole experience, if I recall correctly, and I’ve got to say from my perspective some 9-odd months later, its not the best version of this song available.

At the same time, however, there is a certain energy to the performance, and the crowd response on the video is actually better than I remember from the actual performance, though thats not terribly odd for me. I love the fact that its getting so much traffic, especially given that I don’t really promote my YouTube page a lot anymore. In the interests of trying to add fuel to the fire, I’m reposting the video here. Its pretty raw, and pretty primitive, and truth be told, there’s a “better” version of the song in my Comedy Cave set but there’s still something I like about the raw energy of this one. Hope you enjoy too.


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