Swinging from the rafters, SL style …

Snapshot_060There are obviously a lot of differences between doing shows for a virtual crowd in Second Life and doing shows for a real crowd at a place like Dickens, but one of the similarities is that you can almost always find some humour in the crowd itself. One of the things that makes SL unique, however, is that the crowd is largely limited only by its imagination, and I end up seeing a few rather odd things at my shows. The picture that leads this entry off was taken while performing at Last Laugh Virtual Comedy Club on Saturday night, and close examination will show three of my audience members hanging upside down from the ceiling. While I can’t say that never happens at Dickens’ shows, we usually don’t get people swinging from the chandeliers until well after the show is over, and more often than not, its comics doing the swinging, not the audience.

Saturday night marked my fourth SL show in just over a week, and the second incarnation of my weekly spot at Last Laugh, and it went really well. The crowd was really quite good … you can see 15 or 16 audience members in the above shot, and it actually cuts off half the club … I never did get a final head count for the show, but it had to be close to 30 people. Not a bad audience considering I never left my house and did the show in my sweat pants.

This coming week promises to be at least as busy as last week. Laugh Lines, the club I worked at Friday night, is planning a regular show on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. While I probably won’t be doing all three shows every week, I’ll certainly be there this coming Wednesday and Friday, and I am still looking at a number of other venues as well. Touring around the virtual world last night, we found one empty comedy club (in an SL skybox no less) decorated with the pictures of deceased comedians. We dubbed it the “Dead Comic’s Society” and wondered whether we really wanted to do a show there or not … bottom line, it strikes me that I don’t want to either kill, or die, on that stage, so as soon as you walk on stage you’re in a no-win situation. Still, there are tons of venues in SL and it feels to me like a wave of interest is pushing live comedy forward on SL right now. I’m still working on my surfing technique, but the board is waxed and I’ve paddled out … so far, riding the wave has been a lot of fun.


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