Elron Priestman performs in Second Life

Elron Priestman on stage at Last LaughSecond Life Show Poster for Elron Priestman / Lyle BatemanWhen I first started in the stand up comedy thing, the world was a different place. The time was 1991, and very few average people even had cell phones. The internet was a small-time network that was hard to navigate and contained little content, and was over shadowed by “Bulliten Board systems” like AOL and Compuserve in the “online world.” The idea of bringing multi-media attachments to aid your comedy show was a virtual impossibility, with laptops whose harddrives were a fraction of the size of the RAM in many laptops today. In general, in 1991, doing anything other than standing on stage talking to the audience was a very difficult technical challenge, while today, the incredible increase in computer and communication power means that there are things we can do on stage, relatively easily, that simply would have been inconceivable in 1991.

Last night, I did something that would have been simply inconceivable in 1991 … I stood in a fully interactive 3D environment, in a comedy club full of people, giving my first live comedy show in Second Life. Hosted by Allura Slade, owner of the Last Laugh Comedy Club in SL’s Eson district (SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eson/83/111/64), I opened the show for Last Laugh regular, Salamander Maroon. She has a regular gig at Last Laugh, every Thursday at 4PM SLT (which, for the uninitiated, means 4PM PST in the real world … adjust that to your own time zone), and since I was planning to start my own regular show at Last Laugh, Sal asked me to open her show last night as a way of helping promote my own show. Thanks again Sal, for the chance to take up some of your stage time … it was a lot of fun.

The show went really well I think. I did a mix of material, including some stuff from my RL act, as well as some SL humour written about the in-game environment. Some of that SL material might filter back out again to my RL act as well, so I think this will be a fascinating experiment. Of course, given that there are already current concerns for my sanity because of my split personality between Elron and Lyle (Donovan Deschner once said to me “You DO realize that’s one of the main indicators of clinical insanity?” … to which, of course, the only reply is “Thats why I’m in comedy man … you don’t HAVE to be crazy to do this shit, but it certainly helps with the material …”), the idea that Elron is starting to perform his own shows in Second Life can only exacerbate that insanity. One of the things I’ll be most interested to see is how differently Elron’s shows on SL evolve from the shows Lyle does on stage in real life … will they be the same comedian doing shows in different venue, or more like two different comics? I honestly have no idea at this point … and I’m as curious to find out as anyone else might be.

So, after some hard-nosed, down and dirty negotiation between myself and Allura (she asked if I wanted to do a regular show for her, and I asked “When do you want me?” … we are both such nasty negotiators), I’ve secured a regular spot on Saturday nights, at 8PM SLT, on the Last Laugh stage. I’ve essentially got an hour of time to fill, and one of the things I am thinking about is inviting some of my RL comedian friends to share the stage with me on Saturdays to give some variety to the show. To any of my comedian friends who might be reading this, if this idea sounds interesting to you, just contact me in RL and we’ll chat about when and how to do it. Towards that end, my good friend Derek Sweet has already expressed interest in opening the show for me this coming Saturday, so for anyone who is already on SL, or for anyone who’s been wondering about it, this might be a good time to give it a try. Just pop into the Last Laugh on Saturday night and have a seat … its surprisingly close to the atmosphere of a “real” comedy club, and its the only comedy club I’ve ever been in that doesn’t frown on the patrons watching the show in their underwear, at least as far as real life goes. Allura DOES have a rule about nudity in the SL club (and actually had to put a naked guy behind a curtain at a show there last week), but as far as I know, there are no rules about what you wear in real life, sitting at your computer. Just to test the theory, I think I may do this Saturday’s show in my lace thong … come on out to see if you can tell the difference.


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