I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you …

2008Feb11-CMN-GCLO 037The preliminary round of the Great Canadian Laugh Off has come and gone, and unfortunately, I didn’t advance to the next round. The competition was very fierce, and I feel like I had a pretty good set, but I have no issues with the final result. The three people who were selected to advance put on very solid shows, and the young lady chosen as the “winner” of the night, Tara Scott, put on an inspired performance, especially given she is so very new to the local comedy scene.

I did make something of a “controversial” decision for my show. Typically, the idea behind a contest like this is to take your “A” material to the show, and that usually means material that is tried and true, that has worked well in the past. Doing new material at a contest is a bit risky, in that you never REALLY know how a new bit will work until you’ve done it in front of a crowd a few times. Last night, however, I decided to break that rule and take the risk with a new song I’d been working on. Overall, it went pretty well, though I did stumble on one line. However, I got a lot of positive feedback after my set, a lot of it specifically about the song, so I think I’m happy I went with it.

A friend of mine took video of the whole show (thanks Derek), and I’ve decided to post it. The song comes up right off the top pretty much, and the whole show is pretty “adult oriented” … You don’t want to be watching this with the speakers blaring and the kiddies sitting next to you. I do think the crowd reaction trailed off a bit as the set went on, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it went.

I want to wish everyone who’s made it through in the past two weeks, and whoever gets through next week, the best of luck in the final round. There was some talk last night of a “wildcard” round … I have no idea if I’d be involved in that or not, but I do feel like performance was strong enough to be in the top group. Hard to know how the judges saw it, of course, and thats where the scores come from, so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens with that. No matter what happens though, I pretty much did the show I wanted to do last night, and regardless of the results, I am happy with it. Thanks to everyone who came out to support me, and keep on laughing :).


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