Another aspiring philosopher comic

I don’t usually talk about “comics” who’s show I’ve never seen on here, never mind a “comic” who has not yet set foot on a stage, but I will most certainly make an exception for Steve Gimbel. Regular readers of View from the Edge might remember that Steve is the philosophy professor from Gettysburg College whose blog I regularly follow and sometimes comment on. There’s no question I read Steve for his keen philosophical insight on a variety of issues, but one of the things that has always drawn me to him is his keen sense of comedy. One of the regular features on his blog is a series of “Comedist” posts which are the closest thing I’ve found anywhere to a “philosophy of comedy.”

I’d actually been ignoring a lot of my deeper reading over the past month or so, with all the traveling and comedy I’ve been doing, and I hadn’t stopped in to read Steve’s blog in several weeks. In a conversation with a friend last night on the philosophy of comedy, I sent off the link to Steve’s blog as a an example, only to find myself referenced in the most recent post about his decision to try his hand at an open mic night in the near future. Although I’ve never actually met the man in person, or heard him speak, everything I’ve read about him and by him tells me that he’ll be one of the better “first timers” to step on that stage. If Steve’s first bit of material is any indication (check out his blog entry for a look), he’s going to be just fine.

I wish I were going to be in the Baltimore area to take in his show. I love the idea of a “real philosopher” getting into comedy in general, and I think Steve is an excellent choice for the philosopher specifically. As a professor who regularly teaches large classes, he already has a leg up on a lot of other people (such as myself, initially) who have to overcome a fear of public speaking, and while the environment of stand up comedy will be wholly foreign, in the end, its just “speaking to a group of people.” I’d love to be able to catch the show, as I’m pretty sure its going to a pretty darn good show. Have fun with it Steve … who knows, we may just share a stage someday.


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