Rockin’ the Firehall … Pauly Shore live at LBN

LyleBateman-DagAustin-StephanieFoley @ LBN Lethbridge for Pauly Shore LiveI think I’ve had the best night of my comedy career so far. It’s one thing to play a sold-out show … it’s another all together to play two in a row. And its another level again when the crowd energy is as high as it was last night. Crowd response for both shows was phenomenal, but the crowd for the late show was one of the rowdiest I’ve ever seen, and the energy level was incredible.

Along with Pauly and myself, Stephanie Foley and Dag Austin also came down for the shows. I took over the MC spot, leaving Stephanie and Dag to do the opening spots before Pauly hit the stage, and I think the night turned out about as well as it could in the end. Initially, the line-up was was just myself, Dag and Pauly, and I brought Stephanie into the mix in order to raise the level of the show a bit … at this stage in my career, I was happy to step back a bit in order to improve the show and in the end, I was a lot more comfortable with the final arrangement of the show than I was with the first line-up.

We did two shows, at 8PM and 10:30 PM, and while we started both shows a little later than the posted time, the crowd didn’t seem to notice. Once underway, the shows went ahead pretty smoothly, with the first show ending around 9:45, and the second one ending about 12:15, and by all accounts, a good time was had by all. Possibly the highlight of the evening for me was closing the final show after Pauly left the stage … I ended up on stage for about 3 minutes basking in a standing ovation for his show. Thats a feeling I’ve never experienced before, and I expect the only feeling better is when the ovation is actually for you directly. Regardless, thank you Pauly, for allowing me to spend some time in your shadow.

My only real disappointment from the night came after the second show. We were all set up, just about to take a group shot of the performers, when a fight broke out on the main floor of the club. In the interest of safety, Pauly was whisked away pretty quickly at that point, as the cops arrived to clean things up, so we missed the chance to get group photos, though Dag, Steph and I managed to grab the shot that leads this blog off in the stairwell of the venue. I also came out of the show with one piece of memorabilia … the show poster put out by the organizers was actually the first time both my name and picture have been advertised on the promotional material, so I was pretty happy to get my hands on a copy of it for my “wall of fame.” In one of the coolest parts of the night, when Steph and I arrived at our hotel to check in, we noticed the poster up in the lobby … that was a VERY nice feeling.

Overall, I’m not sure I’ve had an evening doing comedy that was more fun. Even the fight at the end wasn’t near enough to taint the experience for me, and I have to give kudos to both the bouncers at LBN and the Lethbridge police for getting the situation under control pretty quickly. It was a testament to the organization of the club, and for anyone reading this as a review of LBN itself, don’t use the fight to judge LBN, but rather use the fact that they dealt with the problem very quickly and very efficiently, with a minimum of extra fuss. I’d also like to send a quick thank you out to Maxwell Clyke, of Gigfinders and, who set up the whole event and brought me in on the deal. Not only did I have a very fun night, and get a chance to share the stage with some top-notch performers, but Max was one of the friendliest and most laid back promoters I’ve ever met. The show went off very smoothly, thanks to Max’s efforts, and its always nice to do a show where there is no debate about the level of pay, but its something else all together to have a promoter say thank you by increasing the pay on a whim. Thanks again to Max for the booking, to Pauly and all the other performers for sharing the stage with me, and to Jesus of LBN for such a professional venue … it was a great night.


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