Tuesday at the Comedy Cave

Its been a busy week. Along with finalizing the plans for the Pauly Shore show in Lethbridge on Saturday, I had a chance to step onto the Comedy Cave stage for the first time, with a 5 minute guest spot. I must say, I enjoyed the experience immensely. The headliner this week, Jason Robinson from Arkansas, rocked the house with his unique brand of southern charm.  I’m still chuckling over the “bruncle” bit. Also on the show were Donovan Deschner as MC, and Terry Hollas doing the middle spot

The crowd was great, especially for a Tuesday, and it was a great night from start to finish. The crowd responded well to everyone on the stage, and seemed to be having a great time, but they responded especially well to Robinson. His easy going style was very easy to relate to, and it was very fun to watch, both as an audience member and an aspiring comic. I’ll definitely be looking to catch him the next time he comes around … anyone in Calgary looking for a fun Saturday night might want to check him out at the Comedy Cave.

Overall it was a great night. It was only my second time inside the Cave, but I hope to get back a lot more … it’s a very fun place for comedy, both to watch and perform.


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