Kicking off 2008

2007Dec31-MyOfficePubNewYearsEve 004I kicked off my 2008 by opening the New Year’s Eve show at My Office Pub in Medicine Hat, AB. At the top of this post is the group shot we took after the show of the performers … thats me on the far right, with headliner Steph Foley, guest Dustin Hertel, and MC James Moore on the far left. All in all, it was a very fun show, and the crowd was, for the most part, awesome. James did his usual admirable job our hecklers for the evening,”Asshole” and “Asshole Jr,” in his opening set, leaving the rest of the crowd free to enjoy the show. For the record, I’ve worked with James as MC a number of times now, both as a professional and an amateur, and he’s one of the best MC’s I’ve ever seen. Thanks again James, for keeping Monday night on the right track.I can’t say it was a “normal” show in any sense, but it was a lot of fun. I’ve never fallen off a stage before, for one thing, and thats a “first” I could have done without. Fortunately, I didn’t take a real tumble, just stepped off the edge and caught myself, and I did manage to get a laugh out of it so no real harm done. Of course, about 5 minutes later in my act, I tried to have a drink of beer, missed my mouth, and poured Traditional all over my new shirt. Oh well … all’s well that ends well, and I did manage to make it off stage without breaking any bones or drowning myself, so I suppose it was a success. I actually had a lot of fun with it, and while it wasn’t a “typical” show for me in any sense of that word, it was still a lot of fun. Thanks to Steph, again and again, for the opportunity

To top the evening off, I walked out of the pace at about 1:30AM, completely ignoring my bill for the evening. Sheepishly, I was back in to My Office Pub this morning to with cash in hand to clear off my bill. Fortunately, Nevada and the staff were very understanding, but once again I’d like to apologize to Nevada, our waitress Tammy, and all the staff there for being a deadbeat on Monday night. At least I can say that falling off the stage and pouring beer on myself was “soooooo last year” … unfortunately, I also started 2008 off as a deadbeat. Oh well, on the plus side, it can only get better from here. Happy New Year to all my readers and fans, and I wish you all the best in 2008.


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