A Dickens of a good time …

JenniferGrant02 ArGuys03 AllysonSmith02 RichardLett02

As I’ve often said, the beauty of Comedy Monday Night at Dickens is the mystery involved. Its a bit of a risk, for sure, given that when you walk through the door, you never know who you’ll see, or perform with, that night. It all depends on which comics decide to come down, of course, and as with any risk, it doesn’t ALWAYS pay off, but when it does, it can pay off in amazing ways. Witness the lineup for December 10th, 2007. Depending on your definitions, there may very well have been a dozen bona-fide headliners in the crowd and on the stage this past Monday.

MC for the evening Allyson “AJ” Smith brought along a truckload of friends from Vancouver to entertain us, and, to a person, they delivered the goods, and then some. A couple of truly inspired performances came from Damnonde Tschritter and Dave Nystrom as “the ArGuys” as well as Richard Lett. Erica Sigurdson closed the show with her usual aplomb, and Jennifer Grant took the bullet as well as anyone I’ve seen at Dickens. In the middle, Stephanie Foley, Bill MacIntosh, and Ben Minor had great sets as well. In fact, the line-up was so strong that several regulars were unable to get stage time, lest the show go on until 3AM. How good does your line-up have to be to leave someone like Daryl Makk off your comic list for the night? I have to say I was thrilled to share the stage and room with so many amazing comics.

As usual, Kerry Raz does a nice job summarizing the entire evening, this week in verse. Check out her MySPace page for the CMN review and others … Kerry does a lot of reviews of a variety of comedy shows around Calgary and elsewhere. Comedy is a particularly difficult thing to review, since our idea of what is funny is wholly unique to ourselves, but Kerry manages to do a pretty good job of being even-handed with her criticism. I don’t always agree with her comments about comics (this week, for example, there are a couple of reviews of newer comics I think are stronger than I would have written them), but she tends to be “right” more often than she is “wrong” IMO. As far as my own impressions of her reviews of my shows are concerned, she tends to be able to hit the good and the bad pretty accurately. Overall, she gives a pretty solid representation of Comedy Monday Night, and its a service that I, for one, appreciate.

I’ve got a corporate show coming up this weekend in Lethbridge. My good friend Stephanie Foley is headlining a Christmas party there, and I’ll be there along with MC James Moore and special guest Dustin Hertel. I’ve got the opening spot for the show, and I’m really looking forward to being able to “stretch my legs” a bit with a longer set than I get from Dickens or Yuks right now. I’ll be pretty busy over the next couple of days making sure I’m prepared for it, but rather than being nervous about it, I am excited and looking forward not only to a fun show, but to a great night with friends as well. I’ll also be doing a New Year’s Eve show in Medicine Hat with the same group, so it should be a fun couple of weeks for me. If you happen to be in Medicine Hat for New Year’s Eve, swing by My Office Pub (919 South Railway Street SE Medicine Hat, AB, 403-527-9998) for tickets to the show … $30 will get you in for the whole evening, including the show, dinner and Champagne at midnight. It’ll be a great time, and is a very reasonably priced way to spend New Year’s Eve … come on down, kick 2007 in the ass on the way out the door, and laugh your way right into 2008.


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