Lazy Week

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It was a lazy week this week, but a good one. I did have two shows early in the week, as my last post indicated, and both went quite well. The pics at the start of this post are from my Monday night at Dickens Pub. Once again, Comedy Monday Night was host to some very funny people, and its always a blast to be able to share the stage and take pictures of the show. This past Monday, Jason Blanchard, James Uloth, Amy Trofimuk, and Allyson Smith were among the performers to hit the stage, with the entire show MC’d by Daryl Makk in something of a drive-by booking (James volunteered Daryl for the MC job about 5 minutes before show time). Check out Kerry Raz’ MySpace review for a very good, objective review of the entire show, and check out my Flickr page for more shots from that show, and others.

Tuesday night I was down at Yuk Yuk’s in the Blackfoot Inn (just off Glenmore and Blackfoot Trail in Calgary) for the first time in several months, and the show went great. Sean Proudlove, who was also down at Dickens the previous night, MC’d the show, with Pete Johansson as headliner. Along with myself on the amateur line-up were Marc Hallworth, Tim Reynolds, Amanda Perrin, and Katrin Chan, among others. Overall, I think the show went very well for me … I did mostly material I’ve done at Dickens before, but the first time around at Yuks it went great. I’ve posted a few clips of the show on my MySpace page so head over there if you want to see some examples of my show from Tuesday (for the record, there’s my Geek Rap from Monday night at Dickens up there as well).

I’m in the process of putting together a 30 minute set for the upcoming holiday shows. Time doesn’t really seem to be an issue for me … looks like I have plenty of material to fill the time. More difficult is making sure the show flows well from one bit to the next, and that the material is grouped properly so I don’t jump all over the map with jokes. Doesn’t take me much effort at all to put together my shows for Dickens or Yuks theses days … in many ways, those shows are difficult now because its hard to cut down my material to 5-8 minutes … but longer shows are still something of an effort for me in advance. Its fun to go over all my material again, and work out a place for it … its kind of like doing a giant verbal jigsaw puzzle, but a jigsaw puzzle that can end up making many different pictures, depending on how you put the pieces together.

I’m finished my work for the season as far as my day job is concerned. This past week marked my last shifts till early February barring any unforeseen catastrophes. That lets me completely shift my focus to the comedy, so I’m looking forward to that, and doing a lot of shows over the next 6-8 weeks. I’ve got plans to head to Toronto and points east at least, but so far not a lot set in stone. I’ll certainly keep everyone here posted on any details when I get them.


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