More shows, a new page, and some discussion of Elron …

LyleAtDickensI’ve got a couple of shows coming up in Calgary this week. Monday Dec 3rd I’ll be doing my regular Monday Night gig at Dickens Pub. No idea who will be down there this week, but thats part of the fun of Comedy Monday Night … when you walk through the doors at the beginning of the evening, you have no idea, really, who you’ll see that night. Tuesday Dec 4th I’ll be heading down to Yuk Yuks again for a short set. I haven’t been to Yuk Yuks in several months now … in fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been there since before I did the Foley Loaded show way back in May. I was still essentially doing my original set then, with very little different material, so I am looking forward to going down there with a new show to see what happens.To compliment the resume I posted the other day, I’ve added a Comedian Profile for myself on My Space. Elron has always had a My Space profile, and I’d been posting my performance videos on there, but I decided it was time to make an explicit Comedian profile, under the name I use on stage. I haven’t put much up yet, but check out and add to your My Space friends to be kept up to date on upcoming shows and information. I’ll be creating a Facebook Fan Page pretty soon as well, and I have some ideas about creating a comedy portal here on the Global Paradigms server. Keep your eyes here in 2008 for some exciting new things coming up.

I get a lot of questions about Elron and Lyle, and why I use two different names, and have two different profiles on many sites like Facebook. The reality is, Elron is something of a vestige from the past, an identity I created early in my internet life to be able to write freely online without fear of that writing having a direct effect on my employment … Lyle was the geek, and Elron was the writer. The name itself goes even farther back (at least the Elron part anyway) … I can remember being called Elron in Jr. High School. I can’t really remember exactly where it came from, but given that I was a huge D&D/fantasy geek at the time, I expect it comes from the Elf king Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, from Lord of the Rings. Many people ask if its in reference to L. Ron Hubbard, father of Scientology, and hack science fiction writer. All I can say is that I can’t remember any references to L. Ron surrounding the original use of the name … all my memories involve more of the fantasy side rather than an SF side.

When I created View From The Edge, I decided to continue with the Elron theme, since it was writing, and continued the original internet use of the name. In many ways, I find it a nice way to compartmentalize some of the things I do and explicitly assign “different personalities” to various activities. Lyle has always been the comedian (though I must admit that if I hadn’t done comedy in the early 90’s for a time as Lyle Bateman, I likely would have used Elron Steele in my recent stage appearances), but Elron does a lot of the promoting for Lyle, both through the blog here, and through Elron’s Facebook profile and Flickr pages. It’s a very good symbiotic relationship that exists inside my head.

In the end, Elron is just a fictional creation that I use for some of my writing. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become far less worried about various aspects of my life interfering with each other, and I’d be perfectly comfortable today with only one ID online and in real life. But given that Elron was already a well-established personality online in a number of places (Yahoo groups, writers groups, etc), I decided to stick with the persona and use it to my advantage. Elron and Lyle often argue with each other on event pages on Facebook, and that can be a lot of fun. I hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion among fans of my comedy or writing because I really do find it helps me focus on certain tasks by assuming certain persona’s.

Come on down to Dickens Monday night, and/or Yuk Yuks on Tuesday this week and check out the show and say hi. My own performances aside, both nights are always a lot of fun and well worth the time. Hope to see you there …


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