My Comedy Resume

My Comedy Resume

Lyle Bateman @ Comedy Monday Night, Dickens PubIts been almost a year now since I jumped back onto the comedy stage again, and I figured its time to start moving forward in a more coherent way.  To start, I’ve taken some time to go back through my records and make a note of most of the shows I’ve done over the past year.  I’ve made up a page with most everything I’ve done this year, and I’m going to keep a running list of past and future dates there, as accurately as I can.

I’ve also added a Kiko Event Roll to my sidebar that should show a quick look at upcoming show dates.  If you click on an event on the roll, it should open up my Kiko calender for a more detailed description of that show/event.  Remember that even though I write here as Elron Steele, the name on the playbill will usually be Lyle Bateman … I’ll always try to indicate if its a public or private show on the Kiko Calender and on my events page.  If you want to know about upcoming shows, keep your eyes on those two places.


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