Kevin McGrath, with JP Fournier

This past weekend, I had an opportunity I don’t get much these days … the chance to spend an evening listening to comedy completely as an audience member. For the past year, almost every time I’ve been around comedy, I’ve been “working” in some sense or another, either preparing to go up, or talking about material or bookings. This past Saturday night was my company Christmas party for this year, and as a switch from previous years, the company decided to go with a dinner/comedy show at the Medicine Hat Lodge.

The show was admirably headlined by Kevin McGrath, along with opener JP Fournier. It was nice to see the common musical theme between the two guys and I must say that I loved McGrath’s Joe Cocker and Gord Downie impressions … they were disturbingly eery. I’d never seen McGrath before, and I really enjoyed his mix of comedy, magic, and music. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen JP once before, in Edmonton earlier this year … if memory serves, he MC’d a Wednesday amateur night I did up there in April or May this year … and I’ve enjoyed the variety of his act both times. Fournier did a great job opening the show, and his style and material meshed well with McGrath.

Overall, it was a great night. Reviews from co-workers seemed to match mine in general, and this morning saw a fairly heated discussion before work of the mechanics behind McGrath’s card trick from the show. Anytime a Canadian comic makes enough of an impression to have audience members talking at the office 3 days later, it’s worth a mention, and a “good on ya, eh.”


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