New poetry – Babel’s Outcast

Just wanted to post a new poem I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. It started as one of those silly internet games you play on your name, and one of mine turned out to be “Babel’s Outcast” (It was a Goth Name game … you can find it yourself here). The phrase kind of intrigued me, and the result is the following poem. I’m not sure its “done” yet, so comments are always appreciated.

Babel’s Outcast
by Lyle Bateman

Rabble crushing at the gates
Babel’s Outcast mount chaotic attack
Blitz from the left, flank to the right
pull and push against the tide

the walls are solid and thick
bricks baked hard from molded reason
sown together with passionate mortar
a new, gleaming obelisk rising inside

Growing treelike skyward
spreading branches of understanding
to all inside, but planted in ground
constantly under attack


One Response

  1. i love your poem.

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