New theme

I was commenting to a friend on one of my email groups that this time of year is something like emerging from a cocoon for me. As I’ve said before, I tend to focus very hard on my work up until the end of October, in preparation for a quieter winter where I can do a lot more of what I want to do. In many ways, its like pushing out of a cocoon every year, to emerge and do new things.

In honour of losing the cocoon for 2007, I’ve shed my skin as well. One of the great things about WordPress is how easy it is to make wholesale changes in the way a blog looks and how readers respond to it. The old theme worked very well, and was online for quite a long time, since April I think, so its time to retire it for a new look and feel I think. The new theme (for the record, Clean [BlueHaze] 0.6 by Clazh with some local customization) is a bit busier at first glance, I think, but is more logically laid out. I like the post meta-data, like Comments and Views, on the left hand side a lot and I like the way the content is laid out with the sidebars. I do worry that it may not be so good for viewers with lower screen resolution … if you have problems with the new layout, try using the “Notify by Email” feature part way down the first sidebar. That will send posts out in full HTML to your email as soon as I publish to read without worrying about the online formatting.

Comments are always welcome … I’d love to hear what people think of the new skin. Drop me a line in comments … in the sidebar to the left :).


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