Home again, Home again …

Well, I’m back in Medicine Hat after a short little road trip to Calgary, and then Wainwright for some work/play. We had a tour of the Cubic facility at CFB Wainwright that services the Canadian Army, and it was an interesting trip from that perspective. It was also intended as a bit of fun, given that we had a company golf tournament yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but as is often the case when you plan big events like, Wednesday was about 6C, rainy, with a 50kph wind throughout much of it.

Surprisingly, we actually went out and played the tournament, even given the weather. I couldn’t manage the back 9 … I’m not much of a golfer to being with, and after 9 holes of windy, cold, wet golf, I’d pretty much had enough. I stayed back in the club house with a few other colleagues, but most of the group actually played all 18 holes. All in all, it was a fun couple of days, and even the golf was fun … but I think everyone agreed that a sunny day would have been better. Of course, wouldn’t you know it? Tuesday was a bit windy in Wainwright, but still would have been a fine day for golf, and Thursday morning dawned with a clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun. At least everyone had nice weather for the driving days … shame about the “driver” day.

Monday night’s show at Dickens’ was a blast. The Saturday Night Live theme was pretty well represented with references from all comedians, and Stephanie and I “stole from the best” to recreate a classic “Point/Counter-point” segment from Jane Curtain and Dan Ackroyd. We started the show off a “debate” over Federal Funding for abortion, and it worked out quite well I think. Thanks (and apologies, lol) to Dan and Jane for some great material … I wonder if thats anything like “covering” a song as a musician, lol?

The line up was pretty solid as well. Many of the regulars were down … Chris Gordon and Trent McLlellan closed off the show with something of a re-imagining of “Weekend Update” that was a wonderful example of their rather off-the-wall collaborations, though I am a bit worried about Chris’s first child going through primary school with the name “Shitpussy” … gonna be hard on the little one. One of the things I love about Dickens is the diversity … there are very few places you can see as many female comics on one than Comedy Monday Night, for instance. This past Monday was no exception, with 7 female comedians. Amy Trofimuk brought an entire crowd to see the show, and had an amazing set as well … I gotta say, I’ll certainly look at things a little differently next time I have to go to the ER after a long weekend. CMN regulars Julia Stretch, Karen O’Keefe, Lori Gibbs, Kelly D’Amour, and Katryna Chan also put on rockin’ sets. The comedian who set the record for distance traveled to attend CMN this week was definitely Adam Delorey from the Maritimes, and he rose to the audience challenge for Dirty Material. For future reference, be careful what you ask for … Adam is more than happy to deliver, both the dirt and the laughs. Rounding out the show with Steph and myself were newcomer Dustin Hertel, and Martin Bell.

As usual, it was a fun night at Dickens, and a fun week overall. Nice to be home, as usual, but I enjoyed the time away. I should be back down at Dickens again this coming Monday, Sept 17th, for another show, so hope to see some people down there. It was a GREAT crowd this past week … would be nice to see another great crowd this coming week :).


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