What if you had a concert and no one came?

Well, the short answer is “Be glad you scheduled two nights.” Saturday nights show was full of confusion, with the majority of the guests being unable to find the venue. While better signage might have brought a few more people in, the main problem was that some other events in the park were telling people there was no comedy show. Needless to say, that lost us quite a few audience members. Still, a few people did manage to find the place, and the comics went through a bit of a dress-rehearsal (not to mention a fair bit of beer) that turned out to be a lot of fun. Well, in truth, it was a lot of fun Saturday night, but no fun at all Sunday morning.

Fortunately, Sunday night went a little bit better. The crowd was a bit bigger, and very boisterous (although Dave made up for the lack of boisterousness Saturday night, just not exactly the way we comedians usually like) and seemed destined to enjoy themselves. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t stay for the whole show, as I was working Monday morning at 05:30, but from the reports I got afterwards, the good start that I witnessed progressed and built throughout the evening. No surprise really, as the comedy talent was truly remarkable, with Daryl Makk, James Moore, Karen O’Keefe, and Kelly D’Amour rounding out the show on top of Stephanie Foley and myself.

I was a bit surprised at the turn out, given all the promotion we did this week for the show. Steph did two different spots on My96 with Kim Johnston in the Morning, and I did one with Scott James during the week. Plus, Friday’s CHAT6&3 Newswatch ran a segment on the show with interviews with both Steph and myself. Between that and Facebook I was expecting a few more people to come out, even with the confusion on Saturday. Still, overall it was a very fun weekend … not only did we get a good show off, but I had a great time hanging around with good friends, and meeting a few new people. For the record, Tennile from the Medicine Hat News was there for the show Sunday, taking pictures and notes about the event. Rumour has it that the Tuesday edition of the News will have a write-up on the show and possibly some pictures. Pick up a copy, check out the story and support the local paper.

I just want to close by saying it was a great weekend. I am, of course, exhausted, but despite my crazy work schedule, I wouldn’t have missed the show for the world. It was a great time, and while I’d probably be feeling a bit better today if I could have slept it off a bit, I’m very glad I had the chance to take part.


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