nervousness killed the radio star …

Actually, it wasn’t all that bad in the end. I did my first ever radio interview today pumping the KGB show this weekend, and I think it went reasonably well all things considered. I want to give a quick shout out to Scott James at My96 for giving me the time and editing it nicely into a great little package … it wasn’t nearly as nerve racking as I expected it to be.

I must admit that I’m always surprised when I hear my voice on recording. While I’m never under any illusions that I sound like James Earl Jones, it always surprises me to hear how high my voice sounds on recording. It sounds somewhat lower when I am listening to myself live, so its always just a little bit jarring to hear my own voice recorded.

It was a fun time … very short, but fun all the same. Hopefully it will generate some buzz around town and get some people out to the show. Thanks again to Scott and My96 for giving me the chance to pump the show. Hope to see lots of people out at the Stampede grounds this weekend to kick summer in the ass with a helluva party.


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