The famous gopher …

Gopher In ProfileMore accurately, I suppose I should say “The Famous Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.” Ever have one of those days that just make you smile? For most aspects of my life, today was a pretty normal day. I worked a 13 hour shift at my day job, a shift that felt about twice as long, lol. But none of it really mattered, thanks to an email I got this morning.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that one of my hobbies is photography, and one of my main subjects over the past few months has been the gophers that are rampant on the base. Now, technically, they aren’t gophers, although thats the colloquial name we use for the critters around here. Officially, of course, they are Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, and the lack of agriculture on the base, as well as the relative scarcity of predators near areas where the humans are, means they pretty much have free run of the place. Because of that, I’ve ended up getting some pretty decent pictures of them.

An Australian fellow who goes by the Flickr id Ozwildlife has put together a web page on North American Wildlife, and has chosen to use one of my shots as representative of the RGS breed. Needless to say, I was pretty happy just to be approached about it, but after looking around the site a bit I was even more excited. Its very well put together and easy to navigate, with many exceptional shots of a variety of North American Wildlife. At present, the site is only mammals, but it ranges from the small rodents all the way to sea mammals like whales and manatee. Its well worth a look regardless of my involvement with the site, and I’m very happy to have one of my gopher shots used for a purpose like this. Check it out, its a great site.


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