Successful “pro” debut …

Wednesday’s performance essentially marked my first “professional” show since coming back to comedy earlier this year, and I’m pretty happy with the way it all went. I was shorter on time than I expected to be by a few minutes, but I’m pretty sure I know why … going over my set-list after the show I realized there were at least 4 bits that I either completely forgot to do, or shortened. Given that it was about twice as long as any of my previous shows, I’m pretty happy even given that I forgot a little bit of material.

Of course, like anything else in the world its mostly a matter of practice and work … at this point in my career I am still working on my stage presence and persona to a degree, and the only real way to do that is on stage, working on material. Unfortunately, my day job is starting to ramp up again for the fall, so the amount of time I have for shows in the next couple of months will be severely decreased. I am still hoping to get to Dickens at least one Monday of each month (I think the Monday for August is Aug 13), and hopefully I’ll be able to still make a couple of local shows here in town as well in that time.

It really looks like it will be October or November now before I can get back into more regular shows again, and I am planning to do a fair bit of traveling across Canada this fall/winter for shows as well. But between now and then, I expect my stage time will be very limited. The long hours and lack of stage time does kind of suck, but on the other hand, having the freedom to travel in the winter for comedy is worth a bit of sacrifice in the short term.

I will keep trying to post information about where and when my upcoming shows will be … for right now, the only one I know for sure is Aug 13 at Dickens in Calgary. Its likely that with fewer comedy shows on the agenda, and more time at my day-job, my posting habits here will likely move back towards commentary again, rather than the reviews and comedy based stuff you’ve been seeing so much of here lately. Just wanted to let everyone know how it went Wednesday (for the record, the headliner Charles Payne was hillarious, and well worth a trip to one of his shows … check him out if you get the chance), and also let everyone know what the plans for the next few months are.


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