Wednesday night at the Cecil

LyleOnStageAtDickens02It seems that Wednesday nights at the Cecil is becoming something of a regular thing for me. I’ve been down the past couple of weeks to watch the comedians (and truth be told, I’ve also done short, 5 minute sets at the beginning of both nights), and I’ll be down there again this week as well, but with a bit of a difference.

Its been about 8 months now since I started my “comedy comeback” and in that time I’ve pretty much exclusively done short 5 minute amateur sets, practicing my material, developing some new stuff. I do get to stretch my time a little bit when I go to Dickens, but its still a shorter set. Tonight (August 1st) at the Cecil, I’ll have the chance to expand my set a bit to do 20 full minutes … I’m looking forward to the chance to work on a longer set.

It promises to be a great night of comedy regardless. Medicine Hat’s funniest woman, Steph Foley, will be acting as host, and there will be another local Medicine Hat comedian there as well to do about 10 minutes before headliner Charles Payne, originally Vancouver and now hailing from Calgary, comes out to finish off the night. Overall, it looks to be a great night, especially as there’s no cover charge, and drinks/food are very reasonably priced. Come one, come all, and bring your friends …


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