Check out the world clock …

I’ve added a new page to View from the Edge, a flash application from Poodwaddle called World Clock. Its a neat little application that displays current time, and allows the viewer to select a variety of ways to view statistics in various global categories. I’ve always been fascinated by time and how we mark and represent it (in fact, a couple of my first posts on this blog were about Mayan calenders and temporal measurements), and clocks and calenders are an extension of that fascination for me. You’ll also notice a couple of new widgets in the right sidebar … I’ve added a small analog clock, and a small analog calender to the sidebar, again just to feed my fascination with temporal measurement. doesn’t allow outside flash embeds, as far as I can tell (which is sensible when you can’t control what gets run) so i can’t post the app here, but it will always live at as well …


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