Hug your system admin today …

SysAdminDayToday is the last Friday of July, and thanks to Andrew Leonard of Salon’s “How the World Works” section (which, for the record, is an excellent resource for detailed information about how some of the more complex processes in the world interact with each other) and Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing for the reminder that means today is System Administrator Appreciation Day globally.

Sysadmins usually work behind the scenes. You probably know one or two if you work in any medium to large organization … they are the people who come to fix your email problems, or to install new software. Usually, we only think about the sysadmin when things aren’t working, but its through the efforts of the sysadmins in your organization that anything works at all. Anytime you are able to work for the day uninterrupted, on whatever project you might be working on, you have a sysadmin to thank for it. In fact, without a sysadmin to install and setup the routers and network hardware, install and setup the desktop OS, and ensure secure access, you couldn’t even read this simple web page talking about System Administrator Day.

Thats the main drawback with being a sysadmin … when you are doing your job efficiently and accurately, no one notices you. The hallmark of a good sysadmin is that you never really notice what they do … when you do notice their work, its usually because something you expect to work doesn’t work as expected. When we come in and find everything working, and ready to go for the day, we rarely think about the people who have worked to ensure that is the case. So today is the day to thank those people, the ones who usually only get noticed when things go wrong. Hey, buy them a beer even … it can’t hurt your chances for a speedy solution next time you call up about that annoying email problem …


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