If I were a Simpson …

Elron SimpsonWith the Simpsons movie less than a week away, I came across this neat little function on the official website for the movie, www.simpsonsmovie.com. By going through a number of options for various different parts of the body, you can put together a Simpsons character of your own choosing. There is an option from that screen to go to another site to upload a photo of yourself, but so far I haven’t tested that version.

Instead, I went through the manual version trying to come up with something that was as close to “me” as possible. The picture at the left (you’ll see it better if you click on it to go to full size) is what i came up with, and I have to say its a pretty good likeness for a cartoon character. I am going to try to upload a photo next to see what the automatic procedure comes up with (at the time of writing, the link resolved to “Service Unavailable”) … I wonder if it will be similar to this one or not.

One of the cool things about the manual process is that you don’t even have to design yourself. Essentially, its a free-form Simpsons character generator, letting you play with all sorts of different looks. I think most people probably try to design themselves, and I certainly did as well, but I also got a bit lost just playing with all the different possibilities (Giving Homer Marge’s hair was one of the funnier ones). There are also a few games and other interesting diversions on the website, so it might be worth a look.

Not much of a point to today’s post, but I did want to share my new portrait with everyone. I think the avatar might be a little too tanned to be accurate for me though …


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  1. LMFAO! mine looks tight. I’ll post it later 🙂

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