Take a Comedy Detour with Daryl Makk

I happened to catch an amazing show last night here in Medicine Hat. Daryl Makk is a comic thats been around for a lot of years, and its easy to see why. He’s been around at a few of the recent shows I’ve done at Dickens, but it had been a number of years since I’d seen a full show of his. Last night, he rolled into Medicine Hat with his Comedy Detour at the Cecil Hotel, and its been a very long time since I’ve laughed that hard. If anyone in Medicine Hat is looking for a fun Wednesday night, its worth keeping the Cecil in mind … the Comedy Detour will be in town throughout the summer featuring a wide variety of comedy talent.

The show opened with a great set by Stephanie Foley, followed by Daddy Makk doing pretty close to an hour and a half of some of the smartest, funniest, most articulate comedy I’ve heard recently. His charming personality and friendly smile are very engaging for the audience, and an great compliment for his razor wit. On subjects ranging from marriage to cow launching, with more than you can imagine in between, Makk consistently manages to find the funniest angle possible.

I highly recommend anyone check out a Daryl Makk show if you get the chance. I do know that for people in or near Nelson, BC this weekend, you can catch Daryl at the Kootenay Gut Buster Comedy festival, along with other very funny people like Clark Robertson, James Moore, Stephanie Foley, and others. The festival runs July 20-22 this year, at the Toad Rock Campground and I’m sure it will be well worth a look if you are in the area. As well, Daryl mentioned he’ll be headlining the Comedy Cave in Calgary next week, July 24-29, so check that out if you are in Calgary.

Overall, I’d say it was probably the most the most fun I’ve had in awhile, and I especially want to thank Daryl for the schooners at the end of the evening, which didn’t actually end till after 2AM. Unfortunately, that meant getting up for my day job wasn’t a whole lot of fun at 6:45 AM, but I suppose thats the sacrifice you make. Check him out this weekend in Nelson, or next week in Calgary if you have the chance … I have no doubt it’ll be worth your time.


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