Another Dickens Show

LyleAndStephAtDickensIts been a bit slow here at View from the Edge for postings, but I’ve actually been pretty busy lately. I haven’t been working much at my day job, though I am back there today after a bit more than a week off. Rather than being lazy for the week, however, which is more often than not what I do with time off, I’ve been working and traveling a fair bit with comedy. The picture that leads this entry off is a shot of Steph and I from this past Monday Comedy Night at Dickens, with the official sign. It was great to have company for the trip, and my second time down in as many weeks was good practice as well. I did new material on both shows, which reflects the other thing thats been occupying my time off recently, writing for my stand-up act. Those sorts of jokes often don’t translate as well to the blog as they do on stage, just as stories that come off well here, like the orangutan story in my last post, don’t necessarily work on stage for a variety of reasons. I won’t publish much of that writing on here, but instead you’ll see it through the video I post, or by coming to see a show when I happen to be in a town near you.

The show this past Monday was a blast. As I mentioned before, it was great to travel with another comic … lots of fun, and while I didn’t have a chance to work on my show in the car, I actually felt very comfortable on stage. I knew the jokes I was doing pretty well, but I hadn’t really worked out a set list or an order for them, and I pretty much winged my opening as well … it felt good to be able to put a decent show together on the spot. Steph also came up to help with my geek rap … she does pretty good beat-boxing, and that helps the song IMO. I’ve also written some synth music/rhythm for it that I may try at an upcoming show as well.

Thats about all I have for today … just wanted to post a message to let everyone know whats going on. I am hoping to get back into more regular updates here, but it also depends on my time as well. For now, I’ve got a few directions in my life, and that means I have a little less time to devote to the blog. But rest assured, I am not dropping it in any way … just for now, things will be a little slower on posting. We took a bunch more shots at the Dickens show … check out my flickr for the full photo-set.


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