Musical comedy …

Although admittedly that term is used in its loosest sense when talking about me, I took my first step into the world of “musical” parody on Monday night at Dickens. While other parts of of the show were pretty painful (I really need to tighten up the lead-in to the Spiderman song especially), I was pretty happy with the way the songs went and the crowd reaction, even though my singing ability leaves a fair bit to be desired. My friend Elaine was very surprised when I said I was gonna do some songs at the show … “You can’t sing, can you??” she asked, showing so much support for my abilities. “God no,” I replied. “This is comedy, not music!!” From what I gather, there weren’t too many bleeding ear related emergencies, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

I did two songs, a spoof on the Spiderman theme from the classic cartoon, based (loosely) on the real sex life of tarantulas, and my Geek Rap. I published early versions of the words for these songs on here awhile back, so I figured I should post my first attempt at doing them on stage (in reality, its the 2nd time on stage, but the first time was literally hours after I wrote the bits and I forgot a lot of the words, lol) as well. I want to add some background music/rhythm to the geek rap … that will help I think … maybe for Spiderman too, but I expect i have copyright issues there, lol … might already be close to trouble on that one, though I’ll uphold my right to parody.

The videos for the songs are up on my youtube now, so feel free to have a look. They need a fair bit of work of yet, but I’m pretty happy to say I’ve added a couple of bits of “musical” comedy to my show :).


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