Another Comedy Monday Night finished …

… and I think a good time was had by all. One of the things I enjoy most about getting back into comedy, especially around Calgary, is the chance to catch up to some old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile, and last night a very old one came out for the show. Sanji T (sorry buddy, not even gonna TRY to spell your last name) was a comic who was first starting out on his career here in Calgary back in the early 90’s. Along with a couple of other guys like Johnny B and Randy Claes, we spent pretty much every Wednesday night together at the now-defunct Jester’s Comedy Club on 10th Ave and 1st St SE in Calgary. While there were also a lot of others that came through Jester’s a lot back then and who I call friends … people like Andrew Grose, Cris Nannarone, Tim “Big Daddy Taz” Norris, Brian Stollery among others … Johnny, Sanji, Randy and I were almost as much of a fixture at Jester’s Wednesday night for much of ’92 and ’93 as the house Improv troupe Jester’s Wild.

It was great to see Sanji again and catch up, and it was great to see him up on stage as well. In what was a funny, ironic, embarrassing, AND somewhat proud moment, when Sanji and I were first catching up, we were recalling some of the material we all used to do back then, and one of the things he remembered was my chocolate dick joke, which is still one of my iconic bits. It was nice to know the joke made an impact from 15 years ago, but somewhat embarrassing to admit I’m still doing 15 year old material. In fact there are 3 or 4 bits I used last night from back then, to a degree … I know I used both my chocolate joke and my tie joke back in the day, and I’m pretty sure I did a bit of material about my mother as well. In fact, I’ll wager that if I pull any audio tape from the 90’s and run my chocolate joke side by side with a modern version, the differences would be minimal … I know I’ve changed the order of the bit a little, but otherwise I’ll bet I’m even using the same words (allowing for a wife vs girlfriend discrepancy, lol).

The show was pretty darn good overall. Some very funny comics were there last night to make up for me (*Grin*) including Sanji. He did a great job, but I’m not sure he intended to perform when he came down to the club … still, he did a great job. Karen O’Keefe had a good set to start things off, and it has been a few years since I’ve seen Darryl Makk perform, also a real treat, and as usual, James Moore did an admirable job of running the whole show. Overall it went great, and my portion went reasonably well. I messed up some of the new material I did … the voice over section of the Spider Porn bit went especially badly, but other parts went a lot better. Both the songs went quite well, and that was mainly what I was working on last night, so I’m pretty happy with that. Given that I did at least 5 minutes of completely new material, I’m happy enough with the way it went.

I doubt I’m going to post the whole video. There’s a few pretty painful spots where there’s a lot of silence, none of it undeserved really … I need to hone the setup for the songs quite a bit. I may very well post the song portions of the show once I get the video edited … and maybe a few other bits. Overall it was a very fun night, even if my show didn’t quite make the A-list … at least I had a chance to work out the songs … it was nice to do them for a second time when I was comfortable with the words. The songs are definitely keepers … I’ll post again later if and when I put the video up.


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