Fireworks over Medicine Hat

I found a spot in the park just down from the light industrial area, just off South West Drive (thanks Lacy for the tip on location … awesome spot!!! Check out 50.018622, -110.700957 in Google Maps to see my exact location for these, and I’ll be putting them on the flickr map as well) to set my tripod up last night for the fireworks. There were about two dozen other people gathered there as well watching, and it was a pretty good show overall. The shot on the left was one of the first bursts of the night … I knew that I wouldn’t get great shots overall with the Medicine Hat teepee in frame, since many of the fireworks would drift off frame to the left and at 18mm focal length, I’d miss a lot of detail as well. Still, I wanted one shot with the Teepee and fireworks fully in frame, and I did manage to get this one.

In terms of volume, I must say that last nights show seemed a little light as compared to a Stampede fireworks from Calgary. Perhaps its unfair to compare with such a large festival and such a large city, but its what I know, and while I enjoyed what I saw last night, there seemed to be fewer actual shots. Having said that, they were very well done, both in terms of colour, arrangement, and technical ability. There were a couple of specific effects I want to highlight as truly remarkable. I actually managed to get a really good shot of one effect, a burst in the shape of a stylized heart. Another effect had concentric circles that burst and rotated around each other like orbiting planets … I did get a shot of the end of one shot, but it doesn’t show the full effect.

Overall, I was very impressed. Even with the lighter volume of fireworks, it was a show worthy of any I’ve seen before. Its a very nice location for fireworks visually, and I’m looking forward to finding different spots to shoot them from. I didn’t make it down into the park to hear Econoline Crush, but I actually got something of a show from the cliff while I was waiting for the fireworks to start. It wasn’t LOUD, but we could definitely hear the music drifting up from the park as dusk settled … it was a very cool effect. Prior to the main fireworks show, and after it, other “private” shows went off from various locations and I even got a few shots of some of those going off. It was a good night and a good show … I usually have to work this weekend every year, so I am happy that I got the chance to actually see the fireworks this year. I plan to try and get some of the Stampede Fireworks next week as well, so stay tuned.

heart fireworks Medicine Hat 2007
On this shot, a few of the bursts were in the shape of hearts. Very nice, though I only managed to get this one shot of it.

Golden Dome Medicine Hat 2007
I was using different exposures all night long, and I do like the way the dark blue turned out on this one. Also, at 18mm, it’ll give people familiar with the area a bit better idea where I was. That road in front of me, for those who aren’t familiar with the area, is the Trans Canada Highway, from west on the left to east on the right.

Orbiting circles Medicine Hat 2007
This is a shot of the orbiting circles I talked about above. Didn’t turn out as well as the heart I think … I was late in getting the shutter open unfortunately. Still, turned out OK.

Click any of the pictures above to get to my full set from last night … there are 30 or so pictures in total that I posted. Hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I did.


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