End of a Long Couple of Weeks

Well, I’m done with work for awhile. Its been a VERY long haul, and a bit different from what I normally do. I haven’t actually been doing much to support the active exercise thats been going on out there the past couple weeks … instead I’ve been participating in some testing of new additions to the system to enhance training capabilities. Its remarkable how exhausting simply sitting at a desk working with computers can be when you do it for 16 days in a row, for a total of 180+ hours, but having said that, everyone else I was working with was doing the same sort of hours over the same period, often with far more physically demanding roles, so its hard for me to complain much about it. Still, I’m glad its over … I’m glad we did it and it was successful, but I am very glad its over as well. I have a final report to prepare today, which I can do from home, and I have a couple of weeks off.

I’ve already made the arrangements to be in Calgary for the 9th at Dickens Monday Comedy Night. Got some new musical numbers I need to work out on stage … I posted some early versions on here awhile back, but I’ve only been able to perform them once. I’m hoping to get at least one other show over the next couple weeks, or more if I can. I’ve been having problems with my car all month as well, and its getting fixed today … hopefully after today it’ll be back to “normal” again.

I should be putting more up here now that I am off work again. I know there will be some pictures on Sunday, and I do have some ideas for posts as I mentioned in my last post. Now that I have some time to relax and think, you’ll probably see a bit more of me again. For now, I just wanted to let everyone know I survived the last few weeks of work, and I’m currently recharging the batteries … expect to have more of me to kick around again.


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