15 Down, 1 to go …

Its been a long stretch of work this time, and its not quite over yet even, lol. One more day to go, and I should get some time off. I haven’t really had any time to do much of anything beyond work, but I have run across a few ideas for future posts, including one on an amazing, fascinating strange map blog I found recently … perhaps its dangerous to be feeding my geo-porn addiction, but I can’t help it.

I have a comedy show set up in Calgary in early July, and I’m hoping to get up to Edmonton as well at some point. The Dickens date is posted on my calender on the sidebar and I’ll add anything else I set up as well … I want to get as much performing in as I can in early July, since come August I’m back into stupid work shifts for a bit. I’ll make sure dates get posted here (make sure you look in the left sidebar for my Kiko Calender).

I’m also hoping to hit the local Canada Day celebration here in Medicine Hat. This is the first year in 4 that I’ve had the holiday weekend off, and I’ve heard the fireworks show is quite impressive. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Econoline Crush is playing on-stage leading up to the fireworks either, for this year. Hopefully, it’ll be a chance to get some good pics …


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