Murder most foul …

There’s a story going on in the sleepy little city I live in. At 57000 people, Medicine Hat is a small city even by Canadian standards, and its pretty rare that national or international stories unfold here. Currently, however, the trial of a 13 year old girl is ongoing, in the brutal stabbing murder of her family. Its a story that is almost impossible to fathom and has gained a fair amount of attention from elsewhere in the world.

Other than living in the city, I have no personal connection to this case. I read the local reports, and watch the local reporters talk about it on the local news, but as much as I am a local, I have no connection to this case. For anyone who is interested in more detail, and more insight from someone a little closer to the events, I wanted to send a shout out to DangerMouse over at Mad Hatters who has recently published a more personal account of the story.

For the record, Mad Hatters is probably the best independent, local resource for discussion of issues important to Medicine Hat. Skeet and DM and the others there pull no punches and shield no favorites … they call local issues strictly as they see them, and the tend to examine issues very thoroughly as well. For anyone interested in Medicine Hat news and issues, Mad Hatters is the place to go. Check out DM’s personal account of the current murder trial going on in the Hat, and then poke around Mad Hatters for other issues as well.


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