Foley Loaded gets off both barrels

Steph from BackstageThe stage before showtimeWell, the show is over and done with, and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Overall I think crowd response was excellent, and the Esplanade is really a great room to perform in. There’s quite a different feeling between a comedy club stage, and a place like the Esplanade (a feeling that must be greatly multiplied in even larger auditoriums or arenas) … I always feel a little closed-in, a little claustrophobic on the small stages in the small rooms at comedy clubs, though I hadn’t really realized how much. There’s so much more freedom, or at least it seems that way, and I’m sure the fact that the crowd is farther away and harder to see helps the feeling as well.

Musical guest Blake Berglund did a wonderful set from his new CD to start the show off. His unique country/folk rock sound seemed to be a big hit with the audience, and I expect we’ll hear a lot more from this guy in the near future. After Blake, myself and the other winner from the Medicine Hat News “So you think you’re funny” contest, Patrick Dirk, had our chance to perform, followed by the feature comedians for the night, MJ and Dre Foley. Of course, headliner Steph Foley finished things off with a solid hour of innovative, funny material, including some great musical comedy bits. The whole night was kept moving admirably by the very smooth and polished MC skills of Dre and Steph’s Uncle Dan Foley, and unique local rap recording artist MissDeefy provided excellent musical and rhythmic interlude between sets for Stephanie.

Overall, the night seemed to go very well. I know from a personal perspective I’d like to thank everyone for the hard work putting it together, and to Steph and the Medicine Hat News for running the contest that got me involved (also thanks to my friend Lacy for making sure I knew about it). It was a great experience for me, not only because it was an excellent chance to work on my act and get some stage time in a great show, but it was also great to meet everyone involved in the show. I am looking forward to working with everyone again … a good time was definitely had by me.


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